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Abstrakt 1.jpg


Abstrakt is a set of modular plaster molds that can be placed in any position to cast unique shapes. It allows people to learn about the craft of slipcasting in a simplified, fun, and creative way.  Eliminating the pressures of starting such a complex and traditional craft. 

Duration: 4 months


Royal College of Art - 2020

Tutors: Thomas Wager, Alon Meron


Collection of Abstrakt pieces


Abstrakt Mould - Example

Abstrakt 2.jpg

Abstrakt - From mould to piece

Abstrakt 5.jpg

Abstrakt Moulds

Process video

Short clip on how Abstrakt works.


Slipcasting is a rigid and complicated process. Abstrakt opens and reimagines the process by allowing users to cast their unique moulds and explore, play, and quickly prototype any form or shape. With its infinite possibilities and endless combinations, Abstrakt is a universe yet to be invoked, a space where users can feel inspired by the freedom to act without regard for plans. 

Abstrakt invites all its users to play, be creative and discover the craft of slip casting in ways they had never been able before.

Abstrakt 4.jpg
Abstrakt 3.jpg

Whats NEXT for Abstrakt

Working on new patters for the moulds and looking for ways to introduce this in schools as a workshop. 


Looking for a sponsor who can push the project to a new level and potentially launch it! 

Follow the progress in my Instagram page: @maria.rmvz

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