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Based on the observation that people take their phones to the toilet but there is no space for them to leave it, Handy Roll aims to give these users a space for that in a simple and light way. 

Duration: 2 months


Middlesex University - 2017

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Handy HQ.jpg

Background & aim

We live overly connected to our devices, some could argue that we are addicted to them. 

Based on the observation that we carry our phones wherever we go, even to the bathroom, Handy aims to address the problem of leaving them in the most remote and unwanted places. 

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Various prototypes were developed to test functionality, shape, size, and proportions. 

Also, a study of materials was done to achieve a calm a light essence. 

papel y libreta.jpg


Handy is light, simple, and intuitive. Composed of three parts; the wooden support, a cord, and a mechanized cap, Handy is easy to understand, and users can easily change the roll whenever they need it. 

The materials are walnut wood, Roped nylon blind cord and aluminium. 

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