Illustration has always been one of my passions. I'm always sketching, drawing, colouring... And many of my projects are of course 'affected' by this. A good example of this is my latest project Unio, where I created a series of animated images to go along with my process video. The examples you'll find in these pare are all done by self-motivation, although 1 did win an illustration competition. 


Ipad Pro & Procreate 


1st Price 'Draw for Victory' Competition with Disegno and Kenneth Grange.

"Maria Ramon Vazquez's illustration of the Kodak Instamatic 33, which reached the market in 1970, was selected for its use of colour. Abandoning the monochrome of the actual design, the drawing selected a fantastical summer palette that seemed to capture the accessibility and ease of use of the original point-and-shoot camera"

Year: 2020

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gif 4.gif
gif 5.gif

Animated illustration for Unio project - 2020

Illustration for Plastic Book - 2019

Self motivated illustration

Illustrations for project

Illustrations for Triscope project