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Pangea - Branding Identity 

Portada Pangea.jpg


Branding and Corporate Identity for Pangea, a multidisciplinary space created for people to experience new things and have the opportunity to learn and explore themselves through the different interactions offered. Pangea is ambitious, therefore the visuals had to be innovative and strong, but clean.


Duration: 4 months

Team work - Andres Pellicer, Victor Silva, Pedro Sánchez & Alberto Valero

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia - 2016

version alternativa.jpg
version monocromatica .jpg
tipografia coorporativa.jpg
tamaño minimo.jpg
Branding Identity MockUp.jpg

Corporate Manual for Pangea

As a team, we fully developed the corporate manual for Pangea. What can be seen above are snapshots of the creative corporate manual (a classic corporate manual was also developed). These include logo variation, logo construction and clear space, application on a background, correct logo placement, corporate font... and some examples of stationary applications. 

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