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One Tool One Stool

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'One Tool One Stool' is a 1-week exercise where we were challenged to, using only ONE TOOL of our choice and ONE material, produce a STOOL that supports the weight of an adult and stands 40cm above the ground. Seems easy, but, we chose a tool, in my case sandpaper, without knowing what we were choosing it for. 


Tool: Sandpaper (protection and grip)
Material: Copper wire

Duration: 1 week


Royal College of Art - 2019

Tutors: Alon Meron

Stool 4.jpg
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I chose sandpaper as I think its one of the most satisfying parts when creating something with your own hands. The moment you get to start sanding going from one grip to another is just a feeling of fulfillment, of completing something that I love. Therefore, unaware of what was next I chose it. 

The challenge was very interesting as it forced us to completely think out of the box. We are used to giving things for granted and this simple challenge just made me think differently. It was a good way of exploiting the tool that I had and see its abilities beyond what we're used to. 

I decided to get a material that I could manipulate easily and that I didn't have to cut. At the same time, it had to be strong to hold my weight. I chose copper wires I could bend them and use the sandpaper as grip and protector for my hands. Sandpaper became my new gloves. 

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