Unio is a modular interactive furniture system, that aims to engage the user with the furniture, through personalization, individualization, and interactivity. Users can change their Unio set, a fusion of static and dynamic variables, to adapt to their new landscapes, creating unique compositions. By encouraging personalization and introducing control, users have increased engagement, sense of place, and mental wellbeing. Unio combines simplicity, beauty, interactivity, and invention, to make a relevant playful furniture system.

Duration: 4 months


Royal College of Art - 2020

Tutors: Thomas Wager, Alon Meron

1st Prize KI AWARD 2020

“Unio is a cool balance between something that can be mass produced and integrated with ‘generic’ objects, giving the user an easy and adaptable method of customisation. The idea of introducing play into otherwise more rigid, structured spaces is also a great aspect”

- Rishi Mera Marketing Manager at KI Europe


Endless combinations. A mass produced furniture system that allows for individualization, personalization and engagement! 

Main Bodies

Largely static pieces of furniture that are rarely moved. These include a bedframe, a desk, a side table, a cloak rack, a chair, and a shelf unit. 


Dynamic components such as lamps, support surfaces, or pockets work to enhance, add, or modify functionalities to the main body. 


Enable the user to easily clip on and move components. 5 unions accomplishing the function of  a hanger, gripper, holder and hook. 

Unio - Main Bodies


Unio - Components

components .jpg

Unio - Unions



Whats NEXT for Unio

Currently new main bodies are being built and designed, and unions are being prototyped further. 

We are looking for a sponsor who can push the project to a new level and potentially launch it! 

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