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VARA - Branding & Packaging 



Branding and packaging for Vara Spritz with Isabel Alonso Serrano. 

Vara is a wine spritz brand whose identity aims to evoke a summer mood while embracing elegance and minimalism. The brand symbol consists of a palm tree, an undeniable icon for summer, nature and young dynamism. By using a 3D effect and blurred contours, this icon becomes a unique and highly recognizable symbol of Vara Spritz. 


European Design Award 2021 

Honorable Mention Prize in Packaging Design/ Beverage

Duration: 2 months

Team work - Isabel Alonso 

Work for Vara Spritz Co. 2021


Vara's beverages come in three different flavors, all made from natural fruit. The goal is to address a young audience with the design, but still, give the impression of an adult drink. This balance would be transmitted throughout the whole visual identity and, especially, through the packaging.

The illustrations on each can create appealing and recognizable patterns that depict cheerful scenarios: a holiday at the beach, a gathering in the countryside and a night party at a club.

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